Magic Valley Elite
Competitive Teams


Magic Valley Elite offers teams for all ages 5-18.  We follow the USASF guidelines and place athletes accordingly. Cheerleading is a very hard mentally and physically and we work very hard to create the very finest competitive cheerleaders in southern Idaho. Having some knowledge/skills of cheer is helpful but having determined athletes that are willing to learn and show motivation is the best asset and are the easiest to teach. So, if you have drive and motivation and love cheer, then competitive cheer is the sport for you.  Below is some important information about cheer and the commitment it requires plus an estimated cost breakdown.

Competitive cheer is a huge time commitment.  Our program runs 11 months.  It starts in May and ends the end of March. Summer practices are crucial in deciding our flyers for choreography and for working on technique with jumps and tumbling. We practice 2 times a week at 2 hours a practice plus tumbling which is optional however highly recommended.  It is every first and third Saturday of the month depending on skill level and classes are 1.5 hours long. It is very important that athletes attend practices as this is a team sport and the only way in get better is by practicing with a complete team. 

Comp season begins in November and ends in March.  There is traveling required and costs for hotel and fees to watch the comps.  The comps we have picked for the 2018-2019 season are as follows:

Nov 17th    Salt Lake City, UT
Dec 15th     Nampa, ID
Jan 19th     Murray, UT
Feb 15th-16th     Las Vegas, NV
Mar 9th-10th     Portland, OR

Costs per Athlete (estimated):

$50 tryout fee
$30 USASF registration fee
$110 monthly tuition
$400-$500 uniform and practice wear
$100 summer camp 
$5-$10 tumbling classes per month
$50-$100 choreography and music
$400-$500 competition entry fees
$250 warm ups/shoes/bag

Fundraisers are offered all season to help offset some of the costs plus we also have a form to take around to businesses to try and get sponsorships from our local community. 

We offer a 25% discount off tuition for 2nd child, 50% off tuition for 3rd child and 4th child has free tuition.

Also, if you pay total costs for the season upfront, you will receive a 15% discount.