My daughter has been a Magic Valley Eagle Cheerleader for 1 year and is so excited for the next season to start.  We have been so pleased with the positive focus of the program, and the dedication of the coaches and junior coaches. It has been a joy to watch her grow in confidence and ability.

This past year our daughter made both the Youth L2 and the Senior L3 teams, and it has been such a great experience. She has learned the value of teamwork and working hard toward a goal, and has developed many deep friendships. The competitions were uplifting and fun and we are looking forward to another wonderful season with the Magic Valley Eagles!!!!


Debra Trelles

Our experience with the Magic Valley Eagles competitive cheer program was outstanding!   As a mother of a 6 year old, I was pleased with the family-oriented team atmosphere, how quickly our daughter grew and developed athletically and emotionally, and the amazing love, support, and friendships we received from being a part of the MV Eagles family.

Coach Andrea and her staff made being a MV Eagle cheerleader fun, athletically challenging, and rewarding.  We will always be thankful for and cherish the experiences, life-lessons, and memories.

The MV Eagles cheer program has been a great opportunity for our family and an awesome experience for our daughter!

Thanks so much!


Richelle Beard

Reagan has been Part of the MVE family since August 2014. She was only 4yrs old when she started. At that time we were new to Twin Falls, newly a single parent home and going through a lot of changes in our family life. I started her in Cheer to give her something that was stable and a constant in her life when everything else seemed to be chaotic. She immediately took to it and took to the coaches. Everyone including the team mates were incredibly warm and welcoming.

I love what MVE represents and what they teach our children. They instill many qualities in these kids including teamwork, self-confidence & sportsmanship… With everything they teach and what they represent I have found that Reagan has grown so much since she started. She is more out going & not as shy, she is all about our community and wanting to help others, she is humble and finishes what she starts.  She is always looking forward to cheer and is constantly making up her own routines at the house. She has made some amazing friends and life long friends. While taking her to one of her practices she said “Mom I love you! You know why? Because you take me to Cheer and I have made my best friends there!”

Being a single mom is hard and you make many difficult decisions and sacrifices. I know that having her in the MVE program has been one of the best decisions I have made for my daughter. Thank you to Andrea, Lexi, Anthony and the entire MVE Family!

We are incredibly happy & blessed to be part of the MVE Family and are extremely excited to start the new season!!

Jennifer Castillo

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