Team Roster 2017-2018

Congratulations on becoming part of the
Magic Valley Eagles Family!

We are excited to have you as part of our team

Please attend the parent meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, April 17th, at Magic Valley Gymnastics.  Bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate if you are not a returner from last season.  Please also print off a copy of our handbook, listed under the document section.  Fill in the information sheet and the contract.  There will be a $60 payment due at the meeting for the MVE registration fee ($30) and the USASF fee ($30).  Your child needs to be with you to be fitted for his/her practice uniform.

If your child didn’t make the team, I will be in touch to refund you for the practice uniform.  I encourage them to try out again next season!
We are looking forward to a great season!!! Competition teams will start practices on Thursday, May 4th.  Prep team practices will start in July. We are excited and honored to welcome your child to the MVE family!

Youth L2: DREAM

gold-glitter.gif Audrey
gold-glitter.gif Julia
gold-glitter.gif Tarissa
gold-glitter.gif Taya
gold-glitter.gif Madison
gold-glitter.gif Morgan
gold-glitter.gif Reagan
gold-glitter.gif Jaidyn
gold-glitter.gif Maddie
gold-glitter.gif Jaylyn
gold-glitter.gif Xia
gold-glitter.gif Baylee
gold-glitter.gif Brielle


gold-glitter.gif Andrea
gold-glitter.gif Prisila
gold-glitter.gif Deztiny
gold-glitter.gif Braxton
gold-glitter.gif Liliana
gold-glitter.gif Tiffany
gold-glitter.gif Charity
gold-glitter.gif Kyanna
gold-glitter.gif Noelani
gold-glitter.gif Brynlee
gold-glitter.gif Ashlee
gold-glitter.gif Caitlin
gold-glitter.gif Dorothy
gold-glitter.gif Gavin
gold-glitter.gif Madelyn
gold-glitter.gif Madi B.
gold-glitter.gif Kylie
gold-glitter.gif Madi C.
gold-glitter.gif Peyton
gold-glitter.gif Lily
gold-glitter.gif Cayli

Prep Level 1 Team: FIERCE

gold-glitter.gif Gracie
gold-glitter.gif Carleigh
gold-glitter.gif K’dym
gold-glitter.gif Sunny
gold-glitter.gif Taylor
gold-glitter.gif Nataly